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Win some Tea, win some Coffee, buy your own Yorkshire Toffee

Friday, July 30th, 2010
Dublin Milkman

The folks over at Robert Roberts have been in touch and they are very excited. Too much coffee? No, at least not this time, it turns out that they have been quite successful in the recent Great Taste Awards where Robert Roberts products celebrated a haul of 12 Gold Stars. Apparently stars are awarded via blind tasting with the amount of stars meaning a particular number of judges agree on the product’s merit, 8 judges for one star 20 judges for 2 stars, and so on. The Java coffee and Campbells tea being the two star products, you can check on the GTA website above for full details.

How to Win a hamper packed full of Robert Roberts award winning teas and coffees: 12 Gold Stars reminds me of a Status Quo album, leave a comment with your favourite Status Quo or any other tea/coffee related tune (there’s a hint in the title) or just leave a comment saying how much you want to win.

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Closing date is Monday 9th August.

The (Dublin) Milkman Cometh

Thursday, July 15th, 2010
Dublin Milkman

Interesting how attitudes and businesses change over a relatively short period of time. I remember when I was growing up the milkman was essentially a part of the community, we all knew him and, from time to time, he’d let us ride along in the milk float. Times change and that’s no longer the case but even when I got married and moved into our own place during the nineties we had a milkman … or should I say the neighbours had a milkman and he’d wake us bright and early every Saturday morning reversing his diesel noise box down the street to deliver a pint to the folks at the end of the row.

The above is prompted by a mail I received from a man called Kieran Loftus who tells me he is starting a paper, milk and bread service in the Dublin area over the coming weeks, initially on every Sunday morning, with a view to doing Saturdays depending on feedback, they aim to deliver freshly baked Bretzel Bakery bread, The Sunday Times and 1 litre of Irish milk. Sounds like a good idea. Anyway, I hope he does well. You can check out the site and register your interest over at