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Learn to Pair Beer with Food

Monday, April 26th, 2010
Food and Beer

There are lots of nice specialty beers available these days. Here is a nice article, originally from, on how to pair beer with your food.

Some of the food concepts are typically American (pulled pork etc) but you get the idea.

Win a Barry’s Tea Gift Pack

Friday, April 9th, 2010
Barry's Tea

‘The Irish are a nation of tea drinkers’ is a phrase you hear from time to time on the radio or in the papers and its not an untrue statement, just as true as saying the English or the Chinese are tea drinkers but saying it makes the Irish feel unique and special about our tea and it bestows on us a right to comment on all things tea. Traditionally tea commentary has not been a very complicated affair as tea was just tea in Ireland. A cup of tea and a ham sandwich. What more would you want? What more is there? OK, Captain Picard had a cup of Earl Grey on the Starship Enterprise but that was space tea. An Earl Grey and a ham sandwich in capsule form for the spaceman and the rest of us will have the regular tea with regular sandwiches.

Well, the 21st Century is here and we have more than “just tea”. All kinds of tea exists out there and Barry’s have recently introduced a range of these speciailty teas. Tea for the soul, mind and body rather than to wash down a ham sandwich. Tea’s you should ideally drink without milk which is still a bit of an alien idea here in Ireland but a good one, in fact some studies say that milk can block the health effects of tea but that is for you to decide on. I’ve been drinking South African Rooibos for a few weeks and it’s very enjoyable. I like my regular tea in the morning but a cup of Green or Rooibos in the afternoon is a nice change.

The folk over at Barry’s have given messy-chef a super gift box containing a selection of the Barry’s Tea Speciality range, including their newest Pu-erh and Rooibos blends. If you would like to win this prize then click here to email ( or leave a comment on Facebook fan page saying how much you like tea. I’ll announce the winner on April 25th.

Do it. You will like the tea.