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Dried Herbs & Spices: Dunnes Stores v Super Valu

Monday, September 28th, 2009
Sharwoods Nutmeg

On a recent trip to Dunnes Stores in Douglas Court to buy dried Nutmeg Mrs Messy met the Sharwoods spice lady stocking the display but, alas, no Nutmeg. How come? According to the spice lady Dunnes will only stock the best sellers in the Sharwoods range, of which Nutmeg is not one. Nor is Sage as we failed to get that also.

“Super Valu stock everything we produce” the lady said and so they do. From Celery Salt to…whatever else…even Nutmeg. Thought it was worth passing on.

CX Oriental Cash & Carry, Cork

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009
CX Oriental

I found these guys on Tramore Road Industrial Estate in Cork during the summer and have been meaning to post up some info. If you are every looking for Asian food supplies, and some not so Asian supplies such as wholesale take away pizza boxes, then this is the spot for you.

The pictures can speak for themselves but there is a Noodle Bar with all you can eat buffet for €6.95 (Jan ’10); Fresh Deli, Frozen Food, Fresh Fish, Fresh Veg, Wholesale Catering and an endless supply of noodles, Chinese goods, Indian goods and all sorts of fantastic things I can’t describe because I don’t know what they are.

CX Oriental Cash & Carry
Units 11-13 Nyhan Business Park,
Tramore Road, Cork
(Off Tramore Road –
Opposite Coláiste Stiofáin Naofa)
Café Open 7 days a week
9.30 a.m. to 6.30 p.m

Tel: +353 (0)21 4320860

Check out their brochure for an idea of what you can find

More photos and comment from Conor over at his blog

Molecular Gastronomy in Galway

Friday, September 4th, 2009

Adrian Mont, part of is organising what may be an interesting ‘Taste and Smell’ event in Galway City Museum with food scientist David Jackson*.

“The event will consist of short-format presentations, interwoven with breaks for hands on demonstrations and interactive exploration on taste, smell, physiology, psychology and Molecular Gastronomy.”

So all you budding Heston’s around the Galway area on Sept 26th can think of heading along. As it happens a Stag Party takes me to Galway that weekend so keep an eye out, I’ll be the one smelling of Guinness.

Details of the event are here

David Jackson is a Chemist (BSc, MSc, HDipBrew, WSET Cert Wines & Spirits) and has worked for the Diageo (Guinness) Research Department for over ten years specialising in Flavour Chemistry and Flavour Analysis. Specific areas of expertise include the Flavour of Roasted & Fermented Products, Flavour Freshness & Ageing and Deconstructing Flavour using Sensory and Instrumental Analysis Techniques. He has successfully developed major new products for Diageo and currently leads a team of scientists where his responsibilities also include Food Safety and Nutrition.

Messy-Chef’s Lime and Chilli Chicken Wrap

Tuesday, September 1st, 2009
Bacon and Cabbage

Seems I have passed the last few posts rambling on about this and that, giving my opinions on things and forwarding articles of interest. All worthwhile activities in their own right but not great content builders. In lieu of this I’d better get a recipe together, maybe with some extra added waffle for background and effect.

I was home alone last week and cooked myself a roast chicken with all the trimmings for Sunday dinner. This not only annoyed Mrs Messy (“posh bast@rd”) but it provided leftovers to keep me going for the rest of the week. Now, we all know how to make a chicken sandwich but chicken sandwiches are not really blog material are they? A quick tour of the fridge and I found Geeta’s Lime and Chilli Chutney (€2.99 in my local supermarket). A little bit of this on a wrap (it’s quite spicy), add some shredded chicken, leftover stuffing if you have it, some shredded lettuce wrap it up and off you go. A Lime and Chilli Chicken Wrap in under two minutes! Something one of those mediocre sandwich shops, to which the recession has taught nothing, would charge you at least €6 for. €6.50 if you had the audacity to eat it in the premises.

Aside: Next time I need to picture how to fold the wrap properly, I failed to remember that part until it was too late. Fold in the ends first (end being the area at right angle to your filling) then fold the side (parallel to your filling) and roll. This stops your filling escaping onto your shoes.